• Psychological Assessment/Psychological Testing


    Discovery Counseling and Assessment Center offers quality psychological assessment and testing services. These evaluations are meant to aid in deciding on the best possible treatment options for our clients. The evaluations can be both individual and group based. Our services cover various form of evaluations. These include:


    • General Evaluations
    • Bariatric Evaluations
    • Mood Evaluations
    • ADHD Evaluations
    • Forensic Evaluations
    • Anger Assessments
    • Domestic Violence Evaluations
    • IQ Testing
    • Parenting Evaluations
    • Trauma Assessments
    • Substance Abuse Evaluations
    • Drug and Alcohol Evaluations
    • Psychosexual Evaluations
  • Therapy


    Discovery Counseling and Assessment Center offers many different therapy services for our clients. Our therapists are highly trained and ready to help our clients understand their underlying issues and discover their paths towards self-authenticity. Our therapy services include both short-term therapy and long-term therapy. We also offer individual therapy, family therapy, as well as couples therapy services. Our team of highly skilled therapists offer extensive mental health services for children, adolescents, and adults.

    • Short and Long-Term Therapies
    • Individual, Family, and Couples Psychotherapy Services
    • Child, adolescent, and Adult Mental Health Services
    • EAP Services
    • Play Therapy (Sand Tray)

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